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Does the Walker Choose the Path

Or the Path Choose the Walker?

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The Abhorsens are those of the hereditary bloodline whose charge is maintaining the border between life and death, though inheritance is not always direct- ie, the next Abhorsen could be a niece or cousin (or sister), rather than the current Abhorsen's child. The Abhorsen combines Charter Magic and Free Magic in his/her bells to compel and control the dead, righting the wrongs created by Necromancers or others who pervert the nature of Life and Dead.


Nephew of Rhysiel the thirty-fifth Abhorsen, Alexiel is the thirty-sixth Abhorsen. He takes his duties very seriously and always feels like he's trying to live up to his uncle.

He lives in the Abhorsen's house technically, though he spends most of his time travelling. At the house lives his twin sister Laruna and her husband Kev (an ex-bandit) and daughter Laniel; his older brother Greyiel; retired uncle Rhysiel and his lover Wallmaker Kale.

Alexiel himself is in a relationship with Aurin one of the few male Clayr, though they rarely see each other, maybe once every few years or so.

Alexiel is an alt of [info]elementwizard. The Abhorsen concept belongs to Garth Nix and is used only for RPing purposes. Orlando Bloom just happens to look like Alexiel and his picture is used only for Rping purposes as well.
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